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Dining high and low, eating fast, eating slow, eating that rare vegan delight (or that rare species of bird).
Dive bars, wine bars, brewpubs, lounges, and those...3 or 4 good clubs.
Furniture, furnishings, faux and fox fur, and all manner of made to measure, ready-to-wear, or ready to go. The best, high and low.
Art, architecture, music, hot dates, where to stay, where to play, odd hits, and tidbits..
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Girls on Wheels
roller derbySomewhere between Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express and Jessica Simpson's "Public Affair" video, we find the blockers and jammers of professional roller derby group the Bay City Bombers. Perhaps slightly less violent than the theatrical, co-ed sucker-punching of the RollerGames TV series, the Bombers engage in body-contact "Live Bouts" at Kezar Pavilion and throughout the country. Their next home bout takes place August 18 at 8 pm against the Chicago Pioneers; for tickets, call the San Jose Box Office at (408) 246.1160 or the Peninsula Box Office at (650) 322.3100. Get your own knee- and elbow-pads ready as well—the group is currently engaging in open recruitment for new skaters. Note: all players must wear helmets, and jabbing directly into breast or groin areas is strictly prohibited. Flat bank training takes place every Sunday in South San Francisco* at 11:00 pm, and the group will host a banked track training session at Kezar Pavilion on August 18 at 4 pm. For a complete schedule and list of events, visit the Bombers' web site or email [email protected]
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the magic & make believe issue | no. 24
Festivus cheer is fine for secular revisionists like Kramer and Mr. Costanza and (and TODO Monthly in Dec 2006). But this year, with Dawkins and Hitchens on the rise, TODO decided to bring science home for the holidays. Watch out Hannukah* and Christmas—you might just be magic and make-believe. Find the best ways to celebrate your superstition, here.

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